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10/16/13Guidelines of the State Council of China on Promoting the Development of the Healthcare Services Industry
This is the government’s latest effort to consolidate and expand the reach and performance of its medical and healthcare system, plan for stable overall growth of the industry, adjust the industry structure, promote reform, and protect and improve the livelihood of people. The Guidelines are significant in order to satisfy the diverse and multi-leveled healthcare service needs by the Chinese people, improve the health of the nation’s population, enhance the quality of service, effectively expand... 
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10/01/12China Taps Private Hospitals in Overhaul—Will It Work?
October 1, 2012 CNBC Among the aggressive goals China has set as part of the country’s revamping of its healthcare system, is the expansion of the role for private hospitals in delivering care. The Ministry of Health has publicly stated it wants to see inpatient and outpatient visits at private, for-profit hospitals increase nationwide from 8 percent in 2012 to 20 percent by 2015.   In order to achieve this goal, China’s central government is attempting to get out of its own way:... 
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08/15/12Carlyle Buys 13.5% in China's Meinian Onehealth via Yuan-Denominated Fund
Aug 15, 2012 THE WALLSTREET JOURNAL -- Carlyle Group invests in Meinian Onehealth through its yuan-denominated fund Beijing Carlyle Investment Centre -- Meinian is second investment from its yuan fund (Recasts lead; adds background of yuan-denominated fund in the third paragraph; quotes from managing director at Carlyle in the fifth and sixth paragraphs; background of Meinian in the seventh paragraph; details of Carlyle's portfolio in the eight-tenth paragraphs.) By Prudence Ho HONG KON... 
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07/06/12GE: Buy On Strong Industry Average Growth
July 6, 2012 SEEKING ALPHA General Electric (GE) is an attractive long-term defensive asset that any type of investor should make a part of their portfolio. GE is one of the most expansive, influential and diverse conglomerates on the planet. GE has expertise in multiple sectors that help support major corporations, developed economies and emerging markets as well. GE has a respectable dividend along with a diverse portfolio poised to support long-term growth and prosperity. GE currently has a... 
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07/03/12Healthcare: A Strong Growth Area For GE Stock
July 3, 2012 SEEKING ALPHA Historically, General Electric (GE) has been a relatively stable company with an extremely steady stock price. However, at almost $20 per share, General Electric has given itself a sizable amount of room to increase its stock price, as just before the financial crisis it found itself at $40 per share. This company has slowly and steadily recovered from that crisis, and I expect it to continue to edge its stock price up over the next few years. Its... 
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06/28/12China's Rx: Foreign-Owned Hospitals
June 28, 2012 BUSINESSWEEK   Dr. Wang Jingming, who runs Chang’an Hospital in Xi’an in Northwest China, is brimming with ideas on how to boost income from the 1,000-bed facility, including wringing more profit from its convenience store, the canteen, and even the mortuary. He’s already installed electronic swipe cards to track patients—and to identify underperforming doctors by gauging their treatment times. If the former People’s Liberation Army senior colonel sounds a lot like a shar... 
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06/25/12China Medical Services Market Seen Hitting $500 Billion
June 25, 2012 BLOOMBERG China, where 260 million people suffer from cancer, diabetes and other diseases, is in a hurry to bolster its medical services. Investors are ready to help. The latest is Carlyle Group LP-backed Concord Medical Services Holdings Ltd. (CCM), which last week completed a deal for a 52 percent stake in Chang'an Hospital, a 1,000-bed facility at the eastern end of the Silk Road. The acquisition comes three months after China announced it wants 20 percent of its hospital ... 
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10/04/11Concord Medical Services Has All The Metrics Of A Value Stock
October 4, 2011 SEEKING ALPHA Concord Medical Services (CCM) is almost a classic deep value stock. Let me give you the rundown, then get to the 'almost.' CCM stock IPO'ed at eleven dollars on the NYSE in December 2009. Since IPO, the company has dropped to three dollars and change, despite slowly but surely executing its intended business plan to operate a network of radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging centers (and soon to be hospitals). Basically, CCM leases expensive medical equipmen... 
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